Your employees have worked hard throughout the year, and it is time to give them their token of appreciation. From Festive Celebrations to annual employee recognition wherein they deserve a reward for their efforts; a present like eGiftcards from GiftKarte will cover all your requirements. Your employees can now choose what they want, when they need it, making the experience a rather memorable one. Let’s look at the top five reasons why eGiftcards are an employee reward that should more often be considered for corporate gifting: 

GiftKarte eGift cards offer a range of flexible choices for both the gift-giver and the recipient. The organisation gets to choose across multiple brands and categories whilst also having the flexibility of digital payment & instant delivery for on the spot rewards to be shared. The feasibility to give employees the power to choose their own reward with the practicality of having a 12 month validity is considered a lot more useful. GiftKarte has partnered with over 65 brands across various categories that range from personal care to dining, making it easy for you to choose just the right gift for your employees.

Bundled Gifting:
In addition to gifting your staff unique and thoughtful eGiftcards, you can even pair it with a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or company accessories as an additional reward. While you can always personalize the eGiftcards by adding customized logos, messages, and greeting cards, the added touch of these complimentary products would make the gift all the more special .

Creates an Experience:
Cash incentives are often received and forgotten as compensation rather than recognition. The moment you give your employee a cash reward, he will be most likely to spend it on everyday purchases rather than celebrating it with something more memorable. However, with GiftKarte eGiftcards, your employees are lend with the experience of going back home with the excitement of analyzing the various options available to them and enjoy the selection process. Additionally, the employee can cherish the moment by sharing the eGiftcards with their families through memorable dine-in or entertainment experiences.

Adds a Personal Touch: 
A Giftkarte eGiftcard will not only handle the requirements for giving your employee the desired reward and motivation but also gives a personal touch to show how much their efforts are truly appreciated. Before you complete your payments, you can add in a personalized message, picture or a handwritten note attached to extend personal appreciation with the eGiftcards that is sure to add a smile to their face and ultimately inspire them to perform better.

Anytime Gifting:
In comparison to giving your employee cash rewards or searching for the same old traditional gifts from a gift shop, eGiftcards act as the most convenient and thoughtful gift amongst all of these options. With cash , no creativity goes behind the reward. And with gifts, you can never know how you could go wrong with the selection. Of course, the extra planning and time needed to get the perfect gift is an additional headache. However, with eGiftcards, both these aspects make it easy to buy, unique while also giving the receiver the freedom to choose as per their liking.

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