Gift boxes to Pakistan? NAH!, send them E-GIFT Cards for every occasion!

Do you live in the UK, USA, AUSTRALIA, or even AFRICA? In short anywhere in the world and wants to send gifts to your loved ones back home in Pakistan?, whether it be for a  Birthday, anniversary, or even a wedding, the gifting tradition somehow makes itself an integral part of all of them, somehow it’s quite difficult for Ex-pats specifically to send Gifts to Pakistan

 Don’t stress out my dear Expats, because E-gift cards by Giftkarte got your back! and have listed out 5 occasions and how Giftkarte has simplified your life when it comes to gifting! As hundreds of digital cards listed on their website for you to choose your giftee’s perfect fit

So for our top five favorites, keep reading. Whether you're trying to wish someone a special “Happy Birthday” or "congrats on their new job," let the gift card do all the talking! We have the gift card that fit your message, no matter how exact it is.

Giftkarte promises to make your loved one’s every moment worthwhile and heart-warming whether you’re saying:

“Happy Birthday!”

A very special day for a person make sure your gift doesn’t end up ruining it!, be smart and use Giftkarte’s  Universal gift card honestly you can never go wrong with it no matter the other person’s preferences and likes, whether the Birthday girl/boy is a foodie, fashionista or fond of self-care, your gift will provide them with all of them according to their comfort and availability. In essence, there are countless options Send a gift card as a birthday wish so the recipient can treat themselves to something brand-new.


“Happy Anniversary!”

 We realize how difficult sending gifts to Pakistan can be especially when distance is the biggest barrier between you and your special one, making them feel special especially when you’re not there beside them can be heartbreaking yet full of challenges, So why not trust Giftkarte with all your worries and responsibilities, want to send chocolates and flowers gift boxes to Pakistan? but are you ready to bare the uncertainty of quality and the high delivery charges? If not the e-gift cards are your safest bet as it opens doors to several options ensuring the safety of choice, however, if you’re someone who has a very special couple as a friend or in their family and would like to wish them, then Lux getaway e-gift card from Giftkarte will definitely win over their hearts.


“Thanks A lot!”

 An invitation to kick back and relax is the perfect way to say "thank you." To thank a friend, member of your family, or a co-worker for their time and effort, choose a Universal e-gift card from Giftkarte. Allow them to take their time and browse according to their schedules and preferences to choose a gift. Honestly, little acts of kindness like these mean a lot in today's hectic world!


The best of human being are the ones who are happy in others happiness, so take a little time out and congratulate your friend on their new job or graduation by sending them an E-gift card.



Now this has to be the most highlighted wish and gifting occasion out of all the above , unlike the other occasions , people in this one specifically expect luxurious gifts and that could either make or break the deal ,  for the couple as they could suffer from several problems like duplication , availability or preference issues etc. , but with a Universal e-gift card from Giftkarte you allow them the required room and open doors to countless exciting options for them to choose from.

 Online gift card sending has been revolutionized by Giftkarte. Your loved ones are something they genuinely want to take the guesswork out of gift-giving. You can surprise a loved one with a gift that keeps on giving thanks, by access to hundreds of the biggest brands. Make someone's day today!