Send an online gift to Pakistan in 10 secs!

Send an online gift to Pakistan in 10 secs

That’s right! You heard it correctly, no need to stress if you’re short on time or about paying the heavy delivering charges, simply send your partner, friend, or family e-gift cards from Giftkarte because honestly, the old-school gifting practices are so overrated, aren’t they? If you give it a thought we have been blindly following the same old mindsets that we are instilled with and I’m not just talking about gifting.

It’s high time to revolutionize and step into the digital world of gifting, Just imagine being away from your loved ones whether you’re in the UK, USA, Canada, or literally anywhere in the world that’s how much digitalization has simplified tasks that once used to take most of our time.

But the question is HOW?

It takes simply 3 steps to put on a smile on the faces of your loved ones with ‘GIFTKARTE’ e-gift cards


Step 1: simply go to the giftkarte website

Step 2: Select the universal gift card or of a specific favorite brand from a selection of 100+ brands, and type in a personalized message.

Step 3: e-gift is sent!


To express love, congratulate, or just surprise someone you care about, send them an online gift card. It's a sweet way to express your emotions and let them know you're thinking of them. Because it demonstrates the desire to express thanks and maintain the relationship that has already been formed, this kind of gesture is appropriate in both official and casual settings.

Of course, there are a number of aspects to look about before choosing an e-gift card, so let us give you some tips on that:

Tip 1:

 Check all entered contact details, including your own, twice before purchasing an e-gift card. Use the same caution when sending virtual gifts as you would when sending money electronically, such as by electronic payment or a wire transfer.

Tip 2:

By using Giftkarte's website and application they will let you schedule delivery, where you can order digital gift cards beforehand. Thus, you can place the order whenever it is most convenient for you and postpone the delivery of the gift card until a more fitting day and time (e.g. before the birthday party, on the morning of your anniversary, etc.

Tip 3:

Confirm contact details in advance and send electronic gift cards to the recipient's preferred platform. If you're unsure of which email address is favored, send a cordial inquiry and see if you receive a response. The same should be done with a mobile number or social media profile. Asking "which email address do you prefer" before your gift is lost in cyberspace is a bad idea. Follow up if the recipient doesn't respond to you within a fair amount of time.

Tip 4:

If you’re someone who can’t physically go to the retail store to redeem your e-gift card then make sure your e-gift card is online redeemable, while selecting make sure to see the online tag on a brand logo.

However, I can understand the concern many have with e-gift cards, especially in Pakistan where it is a very new concept, but that’s the thing we need to start from somewhere right, the entire world is digitalizing and here we are tightly holding on to the norms and stereotypical preferences, digitalization is what will keep us relevant globally and gifting is just a little pebble in a pond of the digital world.