This Eid-ul-Adha send digital gifts

Send them virtual gifts:

E-Gift cards have already been available for a while, but this year has seen a sharp rise in their popularity. Although some people might have been hesitant to deliver gifts digitally in years past, doing so during celebrations like eid might be the most loving and compassionate method to do so. Aside from saving time and money by purchasing an e-gift online, the recipient can also receive it electronically and by whatever they desire from the 100+ brands listed on our website.

 However, being virtual need not be monotonous. Here is a list of ways to personalize e-gift cards. I offer recommendations on when to schedule the delivery in addition to ideas for adding a touch of personalization. I would advise you to acquire e-gift cards in advance and make them before are delivered before the event if you are hosting a remote gathering to be a part of the Eid celebration this year. The group can then be prepared to share what they're going to buy with the e-gift card, or you can instruct everyone to wait until the virtual party to unwrap their presents.

 If you're looking for ideas for the ideal e-gift cards, I recommend looking into Giftkarte's universal  E-gift card that can be used at any of the restaurants and stores listed on the website. You won't pay more for the flexibility, and shipping is free.


 Set up a virtual call to be a part of your annual family gathering this year. Although Face time is another option, some of the most popular apps include Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams.

 Before the party begins, just make sure everyone has access to the connection (and the platform), and verify if there are any time restrictions. (I was removed from a group gathering's tail end the other day because the host was using a free account that expired after 45 minutes.


 A celebration wouldn't be the same without food, right? Send everyone an e-gift card for the restaurant they love rather than asking them to prepare their own food. With a recent gift card, you can pay the bill.

 If you have an Avari towers gift card or another type of restaurant gift card, you can choose to have everyone eat there on their own. You can all enjoy sandwiches followed by a Cheesecake tasting if you send each member of your family a universal gift card then you can all go and get food from your favorite restaurants and enjoy.

 Set up and plan virtual games:

 One thing the pandemic or even distance from your loved one has taught us how not to stop staying connected and being there for each other, what can be the best way to then to set up games online whether it be ludo, chess over an app, or a d fashioned “Antakshari” or even Dumb charades.


 What have I not taken into account? I have planned to get e- giftcards, a way for us to get together, a place for us to eat, and games we can play.

 Even though there is no substitute for spending time with someone in person, I hope this list has inspired you or at the very least the determination to think outside the box this Eid-ul-Adha. Although you may be aware that this concept is pretty new and would be quite difficult to accept, warming up to this notion of hosting my family at my table while also connecting electronically with other members of the extended family. And if I'm being honest, It overwhelms me to see and to have all of us connected despite the distance.